Affordable room hire can be hard to find in London. In Kilburn, we have a range of different rooms and halls that allow for multiple meetings and sessions to occur simultaneously or consecutively.

We allow for a just a room or whole building hire which can suit training days and Team Building activities.
Our venue is ideal for Meetings, Training, Team Building Events, Board Meetings, AGMs

Main Hall (Woolf):
Size: 17.3m x 6.2m

Capacity according to set up is:

Theatre style: 100 people
Standing: 120 people
Classroom style: 70 people

Located on the ground floor, the main hall is our largest and most dynamic space; with high vaulted ceilings that offer the room a commodious and open feel.

Regularly used to host our centre based training sessions and church groups at weekends, Woolf Hall has been host to business and educational conferences as well as for birthday celebrations and social events.

Middlesex Hall:
Size: 15.3m x 5.4m

Capacity according to set up is:

Theatre style: 50 people
Standing: 50 people
Classroom style: 50 people

Middlesex Hall is our flexible, modernised, spacious hall located on the first floor of the building.

With a high ceiling and large windows allowing natural light through, it is a great space to host corporate and training events as well as social occasions like baby showers and parties. The room can be partitioned, so is perfect if you would like to split into groups or simply just use one half of the hall at a reduced rate.

Adjacent to the hall is a common room and kitchen area which serves perfectly as a break-out room, exclusively accessible to clients booking the hall, providing extra privacy and seclusion for your booking.

Hampstead Room:
Size: 7.8m x 5.4m

Capacity according to set up is:

Theatre style: 40 people
Standing: 50 people
Classroom style: 24 people

With bright, white brick walls and large arched windows that provide plenty of natural light, the Hampstead Room has great character, and is a popular space for meetings, workshops and training sessions. Situated on the ground floor next to our common room, tea and biscuits are never far from reach!

Conference Room:

Size: 5.8m x 4.4m

Capacity according to set up is:

Theatre style: 15 people
Standing: 20 people

Conference: 6-8 people

£35 hour, £30 hour (5+ hours)

The Conference Room is an intimate space, well suited for small meetings or conferences, or as a breakout room offering a little more privacy than our communal kitchen areas.

Size: 8.8m x 5.4m

£45 an hour, £40 hour (5+ hours)

We are very fortunate to have some outside space within our premises and are proud to be able to offer it to you for a very low price.

The space is available for summer drinks, parties etc. Six tables sit eight people each with standing room for a further fifty (approx.) people.

Competitive Rates for London Venue Hire

We would like to assure you that our rates are always very competitive. As each booking is different, we will give you a quote as soon as we know what your requirements are. Call or email our office and we will gladly find the right solution for your needs.

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